) We called several local liquor stores in Atlanta and Miami to see how the prices.

Oct 5, 2015 United States residents returning from islands such as Aruba and St.

Put it in your carry-on bag or into your luggage as soon as you get it off the carousel in Aruba. I would purchase it at Duty Free in your departing airport.


(They got rid of it, unfortunately.

we go over the Xmas and New Years holiday so if you like champagne they have that at duty. AIRPORT MAP. The catalogue for Aruba Duty Free shops is updated frequently.


Do you have to carry it in your luggage from another airport or can you buy it duty free once you get the the airport in Aruba. you can buy as much as you want at duty free. the first resolutely underground flower, to discover the thrill of.

The catalogue for Aruba Duty Free shops is updated frequently. Shopping Food & Beverage Lounges Quick Links.

Aruba Health App Airport Test Facility.

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I never found much (if any) wines at the airport). the big deal is that getting liquor in your home airport prior to aruba arrival usually has better selection.

Aruba duty free at the airport has a nice selection. The duty is 13 per liter and Aruba Customs is now checking bags (this is the area where you're leaving baggage claim at the Aruba Airport and.

the shocking side of chic.
Because Aruba has a legal drinking age of 18 for beer, wine, and spirits, you can send your Champagne gift there with.



Re duty free shops for liquor. Duty Free offers you the best selection of products to make your tax free purchases food items, beverages and cosmetics at reduced prices thanks to the exemption from taxes on these products. 1.

www. buying at grocery is probably about 30-40 higher than duty free for liquor, cannot. Our Company is all about delivering the best service and product assortment to the traveling public. 2. ) then mentioned above, a maximum value of Afl. They allow 1 bottle per person over age of 18 in your travel party duty free.

We got 2 1-liter bottles of Grey Goose vodka for 56.

We also got 2 1-liter. .


In addition to its beautiful beaches, Aruba has a laid-back beach culture.

Aruba Duty Free Delicatessen; Aruba Duty Free Fashion & Accessories; Aruba Duty Free Liquor & Tobacco; Aruba Duty Free Perfume & Cosmetics; Sound & Vision; Infinity & Co.

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Personally,I would buy it in Charlotte because they have the biggest selection and you.